Callcontext does not exit in ax 2009

Hi All,

AIFCustomerService.CallContext cc = new CallContext();

"Callcontext" does not exit.

Please help me



Contact your service provider then friend

Why do you use a fully qualified name (AIFCustomerService.CallContext) on the left side and an unqualified name (CallContext) on the right side? Either the namespace is not necessary (if it’s referenced by a using statement) or you have to use it in all cases.

By the way, why is the error about Callcontext and not CallContext? That’s not the same!

Try to change the call to AIFCustomerService.CallContext cc = new AIFCustomerService.CallContext() (or simply var cc = new AIFCustomerService.CallContext()). If you get the same error, it means that the class doesn’t exist.

I got same error

What can i do next?



Either you use a wrong name (and you should change it accordingly to your service namespace) or the service client hasn’t been generated correctly. That’s all what I can say based on the information you’ve provided so far.