Call Navison web service in .Net C# code


I am new to Navision. Can you please let me know the steps how I can call Navision webservice and its methods in .Net C# code and get the data. Please also let me know how to add reference of this web service to C# project. Thanks in advance.

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Here you can find a very basic example:

You will find many more if you look around a little bit.

Hi Usha

you just go through the following link and do the steps as they mentioned.

still if you have any doubt reply me.

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Hi Usha,

Follow this link from where you can get a document to understand the webservice and you can easily implement.

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Thank you for your reply. I had gone through the links and got a basic understanding. I do would like to request you to suggest me regarding a requirement below.

I need to connect to Navision webservice and get the data. The data I get from it I need to insert into one table in SQL Server 2008. From Navision web service all the data I get is inserted into one table only in SQL Server 2008. This Sql server 2008 is used as database to one Web application.

So what is the approach I need to follow to insert data into SQL Server table? Is it by using SSIS packages? or by calling the Navision web service in .Net CSharp code and in the code write Csharp code to insert into SQ Server. Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.
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