Call "Help Menu" for each module


Hi everyone,

I have to create “Help Menu” for CfMD but i can’t find good information. I researched “”. I did not get complete information. I need to do the help menu for each page in my modules.

Thank you in advance if you can give me an idea

Have you seen Help System Development on MSDN?

Yes, I have already researched. I created “help menu”. Actually, all I need is to call the “Help Menu”.
But I will review MSDN again. I think I need to look more closely. I think I need to look more detail.
Thank you Martin.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you mean by “all I need is to call the Help Menu”. The certification process requires you to create documentation for your ISV solution, not “calling the help menu”.

I guess I do not have enough knowledge about ISV. I need to investigate this issue.

ISV means Independent Software Vendor, i.e. a company that creates solutions for Dynamics AX independently and then sells them to actual customers. That’s distinct VARs (Value Added Resellers) who custumize AX for a specific customers.
It’s your company, if you have such a solution that you’re trying to get certified.

I want to bring the information of the data belonging to my form (is not standard form)when I press the help button.
Where do we put the documents ? Such as, when i clicked to help button, Where does the writing come from?
Also, How to link to form(is not standard form)

I hope I made myself clear

It’s explained in the documentation that I showed you above and you said you read it. Can you please read Walkthrough: Creating Help Documentation (for instance) once more?

Feel free to ask if you don’t understand something after reading the documentation, but I don’t see any point in repeating here what’s already there.

I’m a bit nervous, I must have repeated it. I will read “Creating Help Documentation” again

Thanks for your helps Martin

If you read the documentation, and therefore you know how to create the content, how to publish it to the help server etc., why do you ask “Where do we put the documents?”. It’s clearly explained on this page.

If you have some problem with it, you’ll have to explain the problem. Otherwise I can’t do anything more for you.

I did not know where to put the data for “help menu”. But now i know how to be.