Call Class using Method

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Please help me that, how i can call class using job with given some input parameters.

Please help its very urgent



Declare the any class inside the job and create an object for same it will inherit the properties of the class and same time you can also pass the input parameters to them according the method you call and the inputs which it accepted by the method being called.

You can’t call a class itself - you can only call its constructor and methods.

If you don’t know how to use methods, you should look at a website or to a book for complete beginners not just in AX, but in object-oriented development. There are more things you should learn than methods. Details about AX are documented in Methods in X++.

If you know how to call methods and your problem is more specific, you will have to explain it.

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Actually my problem is that

there is a connectivity between share point and axapta whenever user fill the detail like mobile claim and then submitt

then one jv is created in axapta so there is a problem when a user submitted their claim then jv is not created in axapta

the relation between them through a class which taking some input parameters and created jv in axapata

that why i am trying to give fix parameters in to the class and run that class to know what is exactly problem it is due to axapta

or share point


just can you give me piece of code my class name is Wi_expense and i have to call it

Wi_expense wi_expense;


1)Wi_expense = new Wi_expense(parameters_(optional));


Wi_expense = Wi_expense::costruct(parameters_(optional));



Wi_expense::methodname(parameters_(optional))// for static method


I got


Dear ahmed,

what u got ?

please post ur solution