Calendars Template

hi all!!

currently am working in ax 2012.

is it possible to create a "calendar template"similar to outlook from ax 2012???

thanks in advance.

First of all, what exactly do you mean by Outlook calendar template?

Secondly, how should it work in AX? (AX and Outlook are obviously very different.)

The calendar that is there in outlook ,similar to that i want to create in AX 2012.

Any suggestions on how to create it.

The scenario is that there is a table which takes in the appointment for the doctors .

so when we view it in the calendar ,the particular date needs to display the appointment schedule for the doctors along with the time.

Can this be done?? I want it to be done similar to that of outlook calendar

Look at Sales and marketing > Common > Event calendar. Isn’t it what you want?

i could not find “even Calander” in sales and marketing module

Oh, sorry, my fault. I’m not looking into standard AX and this happens to be a customization.

Well, if there isn’t anything suitable in standard AX, the answer is:

Yes, it’s possible to create such a calender in AX 2012. The easiest way probably is to design it as a WPF control and add it to an AX form through the ManagedHost control. Quick and Simple WPF Month-view Calendar shows an example, nevertheless you’ll need a a WPF developer, not just an X++ developer.

hi Martin,

Thanks for the suggestion . I read it and view the solution but i want something similar to that of outlook calendars .

In the sense, using that we can view the appointments pertaining to the dates.

Can you suggest something like that?

You can implement whatever you want in WPF. Do you have any specific problem? Nevertheless a forum about WPF would be a better place to ask.

If you ask whether I have code that I can share, the answer is no, unfortunately.

I have no basic knowledge about WPF…so thats why asked.

Any basic material can you share about WPF??

There dozen books and much more on-line materials about WPF. Just ask yourself whether you will do enough WPF-related work to justify the time spent learning WPF.

For the first introduction, look at Introduction to WPF in MSDN. I personally learnt a lot about WPF from Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed.