Calculative field

Hi all!!!

Can anyone suggest me, that I want to make a calculative field in transfer line just like the amount field, the formula for the same would be as written below.

Field 1 := (Amount*decimal field)/100;

what trigger should I write it in, whether in the table or the page of the transfer line?


Not quite sure what it is you want but - you should take a look at Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal if you want to learn to do NAV Development.

You would be able to answer that question yourself if you spend a few hours in development.

in the transfer line when I enter qty and transfer price it automatically updates the amount field i.e price*qty.

similarly, I want to store the same value in another field by multiplying it to one more decimal field.

Hi Yuneek, to Update your new field you need to write one line of code at OnValidate Trigger of Quantity field.

It’s not that simple - The code needs to be inserted in more places (Also Amount field) and perhaps the “decimal field”) - And there might even be more to it.

That is why i did not give any hints about the solution - training in development is mandatory before trying stuff like this.

can you please suggest how the amount field works?

Sorry, learning development in Dynamics User Group is not how we do it. Join a training class, or don’t do develpment at all. You’ll end up doing more damage than good if you just try “something”. This is a task for a developer.