Calculating points in AX Questionnaires


I’m trying to set up a questionnaire in AX2012 to calculate points based on answers selected. The answers to each question is from an Answer Group and each answer in the Answer Group has a point (from 1 - 5).

However, when the questionnaire is setup and I validate it prior to using the questionnaire I get the Infolog message “Max. points 0.00 is different from counted points 5.00”.

Also, when I set up text summaries for points ranges (Questionnaire> Result group> Points/texts) I get the Infolog message “From point 1.00, also lies in 1.00 to 2.00” where 1.00- - 2.00 are From and To points in a range I set up.

Please can anyone explain why i am getting these messages but most importantly how to get the questionnaire to work out a points total when the questionnaire is completed.

NB: I havent tried to run the questionnaire until I get the error messages sorted.

Where is it on the menu in AX2012?

In AX2009 the result groups assigned to teh questionnarire gave you your maximum points.

Yes the result group does show the maximum points so I’m wondering why I get the errors. The steps I followed are:

In AX2012 go to Home> Common> Questionnaires> Design> Questionnaires. In the Questionnaires form there is a button on the toolbar called ‘Result groups’. There I created a result group for my questionnaire, set up my questionniare with four questions, each question with an Answer group consisting of answers of lnput type=‘alternative button’. With this done, my questionnaire is complete and I validate the questionnaire using the ‘Validate’ button on the Questionnaires form toolbar. That’s when the first error message is generated. The second error message only shows up if I define the points/text range on the result group.