Calculating BOM consumption


When I try to end a production order, I found the error “Calculating BOM Consumption - inventory dimension batch number must be specified”.


Is the Batch number not specified in picking list journal or elsewhere?


You need to have specified it in the RAF journal as well - it depends upon your whole setup - I would say your dimension group settings need looking at. Have you posted a RAF journal with the batch number specified?

Thanks AdamRoue, actually I don’t find that is specified in RAF. But the issue is how come when posting RAF, AX doesn’t check it, and after the production order is RAFed, when ending the production order, AX throws an error - You hadn’t specified the dimension. It doesn’t make any sense.

Without knowing all of your settings on start, RAF, end and the dimension group settings and then the transactions of each item it is difficult to tell.

I would guess your RAF is not calling a pick but your End is calling a RAF that is and it is trying to consume an item with a batch without knowing the batch.

get a developer to debug it and see what it is doing.

We have setup Batch number groups to automatically assign a batch number upon RAF. This will help you get a batch each time an order is completed.