Calculating Available Inventory in MS Dynamics NAV

I’m reviewing the Item Availability by Location screen with View by set to Year and View As set to Balance at Date.

I was expecting the Item Availability column to show Inventory that is currently on hand (i.e. received in the warehouse) and not committed to other sales orders. It is actually showing inventory that is on hand plus on open purchase orders less inventory on open sales orders.

Is Item Availability calculation a setting and if so where can I change to show as required?

If not, can anyone advise where I can see Item Availability that does not include PO’s that are not yet received?



Availability by Location has many fields and I think you are looking for (Qty. on Hand-Qty. on Sales Order), if that is the case then you can create a global variable and add code on OnAfterGetRecord trigger

You have two fields in Item Availability by Location Window.

1- Inventory.

2- Inventory Availability.

Inventory Field will show you the exact Quantity what you have

Inventory Availability field will show you the projected available Qty.

generally Inventory field will be hidden in the window you need to do show column.

I think you need to simply look at Qty on Hand(Inventory) field on the Item card.

If you want to see availability by location, you can open FlowFilters(Shift+F7) and set Location Filter, of course you can set filters on other fields as well(Date Filter, Dimensions Filters,…). This field shows you only in/out quantities(NO open documents)


I am facing the same problem as you do - I need to know how much of the inventory I see is really available for sale. Have you found a solution?