calculate unit of cost to specified item in item card

How i calculate unti of cost to specified item in item card

What is costing method you are using ???

costing method average

Use Adjust cost batch job. Put your desire Item No in Filter

OK i have something wrong in unit cost specified item his quantity in inventory is 800 kg and unit cost to it must be 0.10 but it show as 100 how i change it .there are also more transaction before in this item

how i handle them

Use Item revaluation for the same.

Now i use item revaluation but i want to make on live so that i request about some thing

1-it accept to make evaluated to completed invoiced only .what i will do in not invoiced

2-are there are any step after make revaluation journal like adjustment cost stuff like this

3-Consumption cannot evaluated

I make revaluation journal to new value and already updated successfully but my proplem is revaluation journal applied to invoiced only .

can i applied this also to purchase recipt and not invoiced or completed

please any one help me if posssible

You need to complete invoice and then revalue it .

you can consider this last request in this question if possible there are some entries like consumption

how this will change.

You need to reverse the consumption entries and pass correct entries.