Calcformula problem

I’m trying to enter the Table Filter values in a CalcFormula of a flowfield. I have the field Target Ship Date with a filter that is - anything greater than this field value. Here’re the ways I’ve tried this: Field___________Type__Value____________ Target Ship Date FILTER <CALCDATE(WORKDATE) OR Target Ship Date FILTER <WORKDATE I get the error: " ‘CALCDATE(WORKDATE)’ is not a valid date " and so on. I might be overlooking something basic. Can you point out what I must do to fix this? Thanks in advance

Do I take it that you are trying to do this in the field definition? You can not filter on WORKDATE there. You need to define “Target Ship Date” as a FlowFilter field, and in the FlowField’s CalcFormula you simply filter on “Target Ship Date”. Later, when you actually want to calculate the FlowField’s value (e.g. in some report), you first do a SETRANGE(“Target Ship Date”, 0D, WORKDATE). The FlowField will then automatically be calculated using this filter.

Thanks for the reply. Here’s some clarification. What I need is this: I have a field “Backordered Value” which is a flowfield that has to sum up the Line Amounts of all Sales Lines that have a Target Ship Date earlier than the current date (TODAY). It is here that I’m trying to put in a date filter in the calcformula. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

I haven’t tried putting WORKDATE or TODAY in a calcformula, but I did notice that you are only passing a date to CALCDATE, and you’re missing the date formula. The syntax for CALCDATE is this: NewDate := CALCDATE(DateExpression [, Date]) So to calculate 2 days from WORKDATE, you’d do this: NewDate := CALCDATE('2D',WORKDATE) You specified the date to calculate from, but not a date expression to apply to that date, and that’s why you would get the error you are describing. I’d have to test it to see if you can use WORKDATE in a calcformula.

As Heinz said, you need to use a Flowfilter.

Create a new field called Date Filter and on the properties of your flowfield set as follows: “Target Ship Date” FIELD “Date Filter” Whenever you use this field you must set a flowfilter on the new Date Filter field. This will then make the flowfield work how you want it. I don’t know of another way to achieve this. Alex