CALCDATE Formulas with multi language clients

Hi, we’ve got the following challenge: Our employees are accessing the Navision database (2.6) through german and english clients (fin.exe) simultaneously. All this multilanguage stuff is working fine, but we’re running into problems with the CALCDATE formulars. Valid characters are German: L,T,TW,W,M,Q,J English: C,D,WD,W,M,Q,Y For example it is not possible to maintain the database ‘Payment Terms’ with an english and german client simultaneously. Is there a way to overcome this, or do we have to have changed our fin.stx (by Navision)? How is this beeing addressed within 3.0? Thanks Gunter

hi Gunter, when using the english version of the date expression and place < > around it, it will work in any language.



In version 3.00 the DateFormula data type is used which is multi-language enabled.

Thanks guys! It works brilliant. Gunter