calc in same coloum with differnce formula

Hi… There… How to create report something like Cash flow report. with calculate balance value on the same coloumn but specify row with a difference value , Example : No.Act 1. cash XXX Beginnig of month/year | 1100 | LM 1100 Balance. 2. Cash XXX at end of this month/year | 1100 | CM 1100 Balance | Note : CM Current month LM Last Month thanks for any kind help… Regards, AKO

For the account section you simply define two body sections. In the first one you print the start balance and in the second one the end balance. Typically a section with entries would look like this:


With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Hi… Marcus… I had a plan to create the report on extended account schedule, is it still possible if your idea modified on the ext. acc. schedule…, thanks for your anykind help Regards, AKO

Not in Standard Navision. I have done such an enhancement on Acc. Sched. recently. The main problem is that the column layout is stored with the Acc. Schedule Name and not with the Acc. Schedule Line. With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian