Calc Consumption

In consumption journal form there is a function calc. consumption. Its opening a report. In the second tab of the report (Prod.Order Componnent) we select itmes to be consumed. but here list of all item is coming rather than list of items under that prod order order(means item that are in BOM should come here). how can i make it happen. thank you soumya

Hi You need to specify the production order number as a filter on the options tab, otherwise it calcualtes ALL consumption for ALL orders.

hi, But how to filter it. means i can take input in option tab but it will effect in component line tab. there when i am looking up for item no. it is opening the item list form. thank you

Hi I am sorry I do not understand the question. You specify the production order number in the filtering and it knows the components from the production order and suggests the items for consumption. What are you trying to achieve?

hi, telling you in details… in consumption journal there is a function called calc. consumption. by clicking it we actualy run a report (id-5405). There are three tabs 1. production order 2. prod. order component 3. option In first tab there is a req field named no. . by it we are selecting a specific production order. In second tab we can filter or choose specific items from the production bom which we want to consume.her the req field is item no… when i am clicking the item no. (or using look up) it is opening the item list form & showing all the item are there in database. my question is it should show only those items which are in bom for the items in production bom. means if i got a order to make a cycle why i have to choose from bilions of items in item list. why it is not showing only those items that are specified in production bom for a cycle how to make this happen soumya

Okay I understand now. I however cannot help. [:D] I suggest you post this question in the Developer forum as the solution will require modification.