C/Side to MS-Sql

We’re running Navision Attain on the proprietary C/Side database. Since in future we would like to integrate Navision with: - CRM solution - Selfmade Website and -store (PHP, MS-SQL server) - Interface to third party logistics company (using most likely BizTalk) - Datamining My feeling is this would all of this will go smoother using the SQL server environment instead of C/Side. What kind of issues can I expect when migrating from C/Side to SQL-server? Does anything change with regards to performance, integrity, reliability? Does anybody have any experience in this? Is it a one day job or should it be a carefully planned project?

Hi. First of all there has been a LOT of postings regarding C/SIDE vs. MSSQL on this forum. So start by searching old posts. You also need to tell more about Your company. Number of users, database size and so on. I short I can say that SQL is great for integration, but You must be aware of that You ned to by a LOT more HW to get the performance You are used to. Don’t try running Navision and SQL together on to little HW. That won’t make anyone happy. Once You have the right HW, my experience is that it’s running fine on SQL.

You are talking about integrating with a CRM solution: navision contains a CRM solution, besides Microsoft CRM has standard integration with navision via bizztalk… Isn’t that a solution that fits?

Hi, thanks for your replies. I think our hardware environment will be sufficient. We just bought a ‘big’ dedicated server for running MS-SQL. I don’t expect any difficulties there. I was just wondering whether anything practical in terms of the actual migration from one to the other. With regards to the CRM system, we didn’t think the CRM offering in Navision is good enough also in terms of being able to synchronise with PDA’s/Laptops etc. MS-CRM isn’t available in Netherlands yet. It will be only Q1 next year and thats a little bit late (and then you know about first versions of CRM with MS). Thanks again and I will check postings on the forum better.