C/SIDE in SQL option

hi, I was told by navision staff that I should never do modification or development in SQL option. Instead I should do it in Navision Database. Then I need to backup and restore to SQL database. If I have a hugh database in SQL, it will take quite a while to finish this task. Can I use other methods? for example, 1 do the modification directly in SQL option 2 do the modification in navision database, then export and import back to the SQL database 3 follow the old way. do the modification in the navision database. Then backup and restore back to the SQL database. For the last option, I definitely need to backup the original company database. Then delete the whole SQL database. Restore the Application and Common data which has been modified. At last, restore the company database. I try to make some basic concept clear. Thank you everyone’s contributions. Richard

As You should never do Your development in Your production database, I would recommend You to develop on native DBMS, export the objects and do an import in SQL. //LArs

Hi Richard, I am using SQL option. For development I have installed a local SQL DeskTop on my computer with a Local SQL DB. When the work is tested I export objects to a FOB file and import in production DataBase. Hope this helps. Jesús

You should always do development in the same environment as the production database will be running at. There a not many differences between C/SIDE and SQL concerning development, but the ones that are can be of great difference! Think of table locking vs. record locking - this can have a great impact on the performance of the system. The usual way is to have a copy of the production system to do your development and testing. Never development on a production system. John

Hi Juz a word of caution here, Navision SQL option have some wierd way of handling object versions (thru timestamps)so there’s s agreat possibility that if you do develop on SQL database directly, your object roll-back to some previous state. Moreover, when you are doing the development on the native database and want to update the SQL databse, make sure that there are no sessions running other than yours, otherwise you might have the same problem of objects rolling back. Thnx