C/SIDE can't load a Windows-resource.

After a few hours work I get a message that C/SIDE can’t load a Windows-resource. There is a short of resources. Only a reboot will help. I have the problem on a PIII/64M and Win98SE(Dutch). I use Navision Attain 3.60. Thanks i.a. Hennie Bink

try to increase the virtual memory. If this solves the Problem increase your RAM up to 256MB

the only final solution to this problem is an upgrade to Win2000 or XP, I’m afraid…

I agree with Beaver. To solve this problem, you have to upgrade to Win2000 or XP Attain 3.60 doesn’t release allocated resources correctly under Windows 9x. If you monitor it with system tool c:\windows\Rsrcmtr.exe, you can see that resources drop down during the use of the software. Just quit Navision client and restart it. You will release all resources. If somebody knows another solution (dlls upgrade or else) please repost

Navision is no longer supported on Win98. You will need to upgrade.