C/ODBC question

On some computers when I configure my C/ODBC I can choose the language. I programmed my applications using the English (United states of America) language, so I have to choose the same language when configuring my C/ODBC. However when configuring the C/ODBC on other computers, I can sometimes only choose, “automatic (windows language)”. This gives complications (not finding right column names, etc…), so I have to change the windows language to English (USA) in the windows configuration menu. Would there be any other method to solve this problem? Kind Regards & thank you for your reply. David

nope, sry! It’s just a big bitch!

Couldn’t help udl file which migrate with your aplication as source of connection definition ? Create on disk f.e. file Cronus.udl with zero length. Right-click on Cronus.udl and select properties. On ‘Provider’ tab select ‘Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers’, click ‘Next’. On ‘Connection’ Tab choose ‘Use connection string’ and click Build. On open window select tab ‘Machine data source’ and select ‘Sample C/ODBC 32bit’ then click OK. After that fill req. fields with correct informations and finally click ‘Options’ button. Example with ADODB & VB: Public Sub TestDataLink() Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection Set cnn = New ADODB.Connection cnn.Open “File Name=” & _ CurrentProject.Path & “\Cronus.UDL” Debug.Print cnn.ConnectionString Set cnn = Nothing End Sub

there should be always the possibility to choose “Language neutral” then the odbc-driver uses strictly english, independent from the OS or from the database itself. Sometimes you have to scroll upwards to see the option “Language netural”. This works at least for our 3.10A version with ml-database (german and english).