C/ODBC, c/front, XML or???

Hello, I want to write my own connection between Navision Financial 2.01.B and the database server (SQL Server 2000) of my webserver. I’m building a site where customers can view and buy parts. The supply and prices are available in the Navision Native Database. Now i want to write a solution that synchronizes the Navision DB with Sql server. The data of the Webserver DB has to be as uptodate as possible. In the future i want to synchronize two way’s but for the start i just want to update my webserver DB. Is there someone who can give me an advice in what technique i should use? C/ODBC, c/front or XML. Or is it wiser to update to a newer version of Navision witch is better suited for building a webapplication. Thanks

why don’t you use the Navision Commerce Portal? it has all the functionality you are asking for, plus more…

upgrade to 3.70 sql AND use commerce portal as peter mentions. please don’t use the old versions of web shop etc.

How will You handle pricing and qty. on hand if this will be a requirement? This is allready in Commerce Portal. You will probably have a hard time developing this by Yourself since You need to use NAS to do the calculation for You and develop an interface/queue between the WEB and NAS for this.

Thanks for the advise. I think you all agree, about upgrading to 3.7. What are the minimum system requirements for this version? When i should choose for the Commerce portal, how much freedom do i have. Must i stick to the layout and functionality of the commerce portal? How flexible is this commerce portal? Is there any good documentation about this Commerce portal?

Simon, the best thing to do is to ask your NSC if they are certified to implement commerce portal. Besides it is very important that they already have don this a couple of times beacuse the first implementation of this product is very though. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT HAVING FOLLOWED THE RIGHT COURSES AT MBS!!!) Should they not be able to help you out, than you can always contact us, we were the first dutch NSC to become certified for Navision ebusiness products (like the “old” webshop, commerce portal and gateway). We can surely help you out because we did a for a couple of our customers and did Navision ebusiness implementations for some other dutch NSC’s. As to requirements: you need a webserver with MS commerce server on it. If don’t have it there is no specific need to buy it because there are some parties in the netherlands who offer hosting solutions including the needed software to run it. Once using commerce portal the programming on the web will be reduced to layout… Ofcourse that is if your demands a bit like the offerings wihtin the commerce portal…

Is it easy to integrate the Commerce Portal with an existing ASP.net Website? So my asp.net pages can make use of the portal?