C/ODBC and Access

Hi, I have some trouble in getting started with using c/odbc (Navision 3.7). I linked the tables item and item ledger entry into Access03. I can view the tables and work with them. But if I try to link two tables in a query, I get the very useful failure “ODBC call failed”. Why? Here’s the SQL-Statement: SELECT Artikel.Nr_, Artikel.Beschreibung, Artikelposten.Postenart FROM Artikel INNER JOIN Artikelposten ON Artikel.Nr_ = Artikelposten.Artikelnr_ GROUP BY Artikel.Nr_, Artikel.Beschreibung, Artikelposten.Postenart; Regards Ulf

Hi Ulf, If I remember correctly you cannot use INNER JOIN. Try just JOIN and see if that works instead. INNER JOIN is possible in 4.0 (again, if I remember correctly :slight_smile: Best regards Daniel

Hi Daniel and all, if I remove the “INNER” Access brings a message “Failure in FROM…”. Any other hints? Regards Ulf

You’re right, INNER JOIN doesn’t work. Only RIGHT and LEFT JOIN work. What now???