C/Front Error Codes


I’m using the C/Front OCX to move data between Navision and a Domino database. Most of the time it all works fine, but every so often, something changes somewhere and my code fails. All I have to go on to figure out why it has failed is the error code returned by the cf.LastError function. According to the help file, “the file dberror.txt that comes with C/FRONT contains a complete list of these codes” but this file contains error codes along the lines of:

Err_DB_LockFail 17
Err_DB_TooManyLockedFields 21
Err_DB_NetBiosErrorXXX 50
Err_DB_ObjectRecordExists 1000

when the types of error codes I actually get are along the lines of 1246487, and most recently, 65538.

Does anyone have a source where I can look up the error codes that I am getting? I found out from a post on another forum that 1246487 means that I’m not authorised to run C/Front, and I’ve sometimes found out what other codes mean in this way but it always takes an awful lot of searching, and it would be so helpful to be able to just look up the codes myself.

If anyone has a website they could point me to, or some kind of PDF or text file they could send me I’d be really, really grateful! In the short term though, if someone knows what the 65538 error means and would like to tell me, I’d be grateful for that as well (I think it might be that where my code is running, the installed client is version 4 SP3 and the installed SDK is version 4 SP2 and it’s having some kind of conflict, but I’d like to have that confirmed)

Many thanks,

Yes, there is such a Website which contains such a PDF file:

Internal Error 2 in Module 1
Module 1 = Operating System
Errorcode: 65538
Description: #Err_OS_FileNotFound
The system cannot find the file specified.

Oh my god - I’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time! Thank you so much! You’ve made my week!


There was actually no need to go to another site. You find the list right here in the NAV - Errors Ecetera forum**.**