buy and sell in different states


we have client in hyderabad. He buys goods from local AP and also from other states say Maharastra, Karanatak etc. The client also has stores in those states and uses central database based in HYD.

My question is if an item say ITEM A has different VAT in these states, how do i setup the tax structures?

i.e client will buy ITEM A from MAH and sell in AP and also will sell in MAH, but the item has different VAT. So when i sell in AP it should have VAT4 and and MAH will have VAT12.5.

so how do i should setup the tax part. Because on item card we can only define one tax group code. so based on the state we sell or purchase the system should calculate the exact taxes.

appreciate your thoughts.



You have to create different tax group for different states. You can find the same in “Administration –Financial management-Sales tax”. While checking the same you would find the solution of the above mentioned problems as it contains all the aspect like “Sates, different tax group, tax jurisdiction, tax area, tax area location”.


SO far I have found out that, Sales tax is Product “&” State based.

For CST 2% is almost common provided customer is willing to provide with a C form.

Hence more or less You can have two Jurisdictions: VAT & CST on the other hand can play with Tax area to get the % that you need.

In such case Rather than defining tax groups as VAT12 and VAT4 I shall suggest to define them as VAT12CST2 , VAT4CST2 etc