Button click method

Dear all,

In the project form, I have a tab with a a new grid. Here I need to display a button. On click of this button,it has to update the grid with respect to the selected project id. I wrote a method on the onclick method of the button. But how to get the selected project id. Here this.projid is not working. Please let me know the solution for the same


please have a look at this… http://www.axaptapedia.com/index.php/Passing_values_between_forms mean time can you post your code here

If the button is in the same form, then you use the current table buffer. (this refers to the current selected of the projTable, example: projTable.projId)

Thanks Rohit. I used it as ProjTable.ProjId .It worked.

Thanks Kranthi. I used it already

Thanks Kranthi I used it already