Business Notifications on SQL Personal Edition

Just to start this, I know that the notes say Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition are needed to be installed but I am only wanting to set it up for a demo using Personal edition. All the prerequisites install fine, but when I get to installing the “Business Notification Server” installation it fails when trying to connect to the SQL server, stating that “The installer can’t find the required edition of SQL server on your computer”. It seems to be checking the same value that the sql query analysiser "select SERVERPROPERTY (‘EngineEdition’), which requires a 2 or 3 value to be returned. While Personal or MSDE edition of SQL will return a 1 value. Is there any setup switches that can be input with the setup of “Business Notification Server” that can cause the setup to ignore this “version” lookup or any other way for that matter to install Business Notification Server on SQL Personal Edition. Cheers Peter