Business connector. How to add new fields in the C# code

I created new fields in the salesline. This setup uses Business connector to communicate with the website to get the details about a particular order. I am stuck at the point where I am not able to enhance the C# code in visual studio to push in these new fields so that DAX can accept the values for these fields through the website. Any idea about what could the code possibly be?

I have a small block that I might think will work. But these fields (price, quantity) were already there. I don’t know if I should just add the other fields as a continuation or make changes elsewhere in the code before coming down here.

For Each item As Business.ThirdPartyOrders.lineItemType In agrOrder.lineItems
orderHeader.OrderDetailList.Add(orderHeader, item.sku, item.quantity, item.price)


And if this is the only place where the code needs to be changed. Because there needs to be some changes made in the schema as well as far as I know.

See my reply in your duplicate thread on another forum.

Nope… Can’t see any answers there either.

Sorry, there was some problem with sending the reply. It’s there now.