Business Central Web Service Access On Premise


just upgraded from Nav2015 to BC14 on premise and have lots of web services - mostly codeunit integrating to local systems.

Using Windows credentials

On the application server I can enter the web service address in a browser using //localhost and see the xml.

I can also use the IP address from other pc’s but NOT the proper server address.

When I do , using the windows name and password or the access key - it simply bounces back rejecting the authentication.

Any ideas how I can connect using the proper server name ?

I tried creating another instance using webservice key authentication and that did not work.

How have you configured your public soap url? And which URL are you using?

HI if you mean the Odata Base URL, yes http://xxx:7048/BCW/WS/

Port 7048 is normally for API/OData web services, but WS is for Soap services = port 7047 = http://xxx:7047/BCW/WS

Is xxx the computername or domain name?

Yes the SOAP is 7047 and have stored that. xxx is the computer name