Business Central Shipping Advice = Complete - Not working

We recently went live with Business Central. On several customers, especially international ones, we have the Shipping Advice on the customer card defaulted to Complete. When a sales order is created for one of these customers the Shipping Advice = Complete correctly pulls through to the order. Unfortunately, BC doesn’t seem to respect this setting. On sales orders that are set to ship complete we are still able to create a warehouse shipment, and many times a warehouse pick as well. This is causing issues where the shipping department sometimes ships an order as partial (if we have some items in stock and not others) when it shouldn’t be. After talking to a consultant, he said that Microsoft is not checking the Shipping Advice field until it gets to the warehouse pick. I’m just not certain why it’s even allowing the partial pick to even be created.

I did find some posts regarding this topic from 2005 and 2019, but since they are so old, and focused on NAV, I thought I’d open a new discussion. Any thoughts or recommendations on this is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Congratulations on going live with Business Central! I understand that you’re facing an issue with the Shipping Advice field on the customer card not being respected by BC when creating sales orders. Despite setting the Shipping Advice to Complete, BC still allows the creation of warehouse shipments and picks, even for orders marked as ship complete. This has led to problems where partial shipments are made unintentionally.

While I don’t have access to your specific BC configuration, I can provide some insights and recommendations:

  1. Review the setup: Double-check the setup related to shipping and warehouse management in Business Central. Ensure that the relevant settings, such as defaulting the Shipping Advice from the customer card, are properly configured. Verify that all necessary fields and options are set correctly to enforce complete shipping for orders marked as such.
  2. Check workflow and process: Assess your workflow and process for creating warehouse shipments and picks. Make sure that the process aligns with your desired behavior of not allowing partial picks when the Shipping Advice is set to Complete. Review any customizations or workflows that might be overriding the default behavior.
  3. Consider customization or extension: If the default behavior of BC doesn’t meet your requirements, you may need to explore customization options. Consult with your BC implementation partner or a qualified developer who can help develop a customization or extension to enforce the desired behavior. This could involve adding business logic or validation checks to prevent partial picks when the Shipping Advice is set to Complete.
  4. Engage Microsoft Support: If the issue persists and you’ve exhausted your internal resources, it may be beneficial to reach out to Microsoft Support. Provide them with specific details of your configuration and the problem you’re facing. They can offer guidance, investigate any potential bugs, and provide recommendations or fixes based on their expertise.

Remember to back up your system and test any changes or customizations in a non-production environment before implementing them in your live system.

Certainly! I can assist you with the correct format of an HTTP GET request to look up customer details in Business Central on-premise based on a customer telephone number. Here’s an example of how the request can be structured:

Endpoint URL: Replace <server> with the URL or IP address of your Business Central server, and <company> with your company name.

http:///BC130/ODataV4//Customer?$filter=Phone eq ‘’

Include the necessary headers in your request:
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
Content-Type: application/json

Replace <access_token> with a valid access token obtained through the authentication process.

Please note that the above example assumes you are using OData V4 and that the Customer entity set in your Business Central OData web service is named “Customer.” Adjust the URL and entity name as per your specific configuration.

In the query parameter $filter=Phone eq '<telephone>', replace <telephone> with the actual telephone number you want to use for the lookup.

To authenticate the request, you may need to provide an access token in the Authorization header. The process for obtaining an access token may vary depending on your authentication method and setup. You might need to refer to the Business Central documentation or consult with your system administrator for the appropriate authentication mechanism and token retrieval process.

Once you have constructed the HTTP GET request, you can send it to the Business Central server, and the response will contain the customer details matching the provided telephone number.

Please ensure that your Business Central server is accessible and properly configured to handle incoming HTTP requests. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, feel free to reach out for more help.

Shipping Advice - Complete is checked only at posting. It does not prevent the creation of warehouse shipments or the creation\processing of picks.

Just because a process doesn’t work the way we think it should work doesn’t make it wrong. The only thing that matters is how Microsoft intended it to work.