Business Central Shipping Advice = Complete - Not working

We recently went live with Business Central. On several customers, especially international ones, we have the Shipping Advice on the customer card defaulted to Complete. When a sales order is created for one of these customers the Shipping Advice = Complete correctly pulls through to the order. Unfortunately, BC doesn’t seem to respect this setting. On sales orders that are set to ship complete we are still able to create a warehouse shipment, and many times a warehouse pick as well. This is causing issues where the shipping department sometimes ships an order as partial (if we have some items in stock and not others) when it shouldn’t be. After talking to a consultant, he said that Microsoft is not checking the Shipping Advice field until it gets to the warehouse pick. I’m just not certain why it’s even allowing the partial pick to even be created.

I did find some posts regarding this topic from 2005 and 2019, but since they are so old, and focused on NAV, I thought I’d open a new discussion. Any thoughts or recommendations on this is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!