Business Central can't create new customers

I can’t create new customers in Business Central

This are my user permissions:

When I go to customers, I can’t click the new button:

But in Chronus, with same permissions I can create them:

There are no extensions.

What can I check to make the new customer button available?

Check the licence assigned to the user You are using. I might be that it is using a “Team Member” licence.

Here are the user licenses:


That is a trial license. See if your trial has expired. Go to Subscriptions in your M365 Admin Center.

A true license will say Premium, Essentials, Team, or Device.

hello, you mean this?

the only option is to contact a partner?

To be clear, I’m not sure if your trial is expired or why you can’t create a new Customer. I just know that the IW is the trial license, and they do have an expiration when using live data in a live company.

Based on what you said, “You can create the customer in the CRONUS company, but not in your company”, leads me to think it is licensing as Microsoft stops the use of a Production Company in a Production environment (30-day limit) when using the trial license.

Other potential causes: lack of permission (you would get a permission message), lack of range in No. Series (you would get a message on the number already existing), page is in view only mode (everything would be greyed out).

However, since just the New button is greyed out, and no other messages present, I’m 99% sure it is your lack of a full license.

Since you can only purchase Business Central through a partner, I think your next step is to find a partner who works with clients in your industry and reach out to them.

Good luck!

Hello, since today I’m getting this message:

“Your extended trial period has expired. Request partner contact…”

I’ve completed the payment of the subscription for 5 users but I’m still getting that warning.

In further investigation, I’ve found this page:

So I think the license is being processed? I did the payment 5 hours ago

That looks to be an Extension within your Business Central environment, as the cloud version is on version 20+. An extension would not have anything to do with your Business Central licenses.

In your M365 Admin Center you would see “Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials” or “Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium”. If you are not able to assign either of those licenses to your User, you do not have a full BC license.

If you see either option, assign it to your User, then inside BC go to Users > Process> Updated Users from Microsoft 365.

If you do not see those license options, you will need to reach out to a BC partner to obtain a full license.

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It’s license/ subscription expire issue , check with your partner or subscription