Business central 18.4 - Metadata object missing for query

I’m trying to view a query from an extension I wrote and published. I published the extension using Publish-NAVApp followed by Install-NAVApp.

When I navigate to this URL: http://localhost/BC/?tenant=default&query=50120

"I get an error message “The metadata object Page 50120 was not found.”

Page view - WIS - Barcode Item Export has to close."

Any idea what the issue could be? If I create a web service for this query I can view the results. If I pick a query like say G/L Entries, I am able to view the results (http://localhost/BC/?tenant=default&query=261).

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Thanks for posting a question! Hopefully someone can chime in and help.

Did you set QueryCategory property for the extension?