bulk insert from dynamic nav 2009

How i make bulk insert to all data in database from dynamic nav 2009(code if possible)

because i need to take all data from database then put in another database .

Hi Ahmed,

There is no special functionality in NAV for bulk inserts, but please explain with a bit more details what you’re trying to do.

You want to insert data FROM NAV 2009 into a different database. Is this database also NAV? Is it SQL? Is it on the same server or on a different server? Is it a one-time job or is it something that needs to run many times?

You also say “take all data from database” - do you really mean “ALL DATA”? Because then you’re really up for a big project, unless you could just take a backup and restore it!

But please describe what you really want to do.

thank you for reply Now Mr Erik in our company i have three branches EVERY BRANCH HAVE database suppose as A,B,C. A is main branch . what i want is to take data from B,C and put them in A

as data consolidation because we cannot make connection between branches . so that i need to merge data from B,C AND PUT them in A TO MAKE THAT I NEED TO MAKE BULK INSERT FROM DYNAMIC NAV 2009 in script file or text file and then add these file to main database A as export and import by bulk insert in dynamic nav 2009.

all databases sql server 2005. i got the idea to take bulk insert from dynamic nav by this link :



What prevents you from making a connection between the branches and running from a single database?

because branches found in places no have any connection found in dessert and we try more time but no benefit


So what you need is similar to what most retail chains used to do?

Synchronizing each stores transaction into the main store?