Bulk Email the Posted Sales Invoices

Hi All,

Is there a way in Business Central where we could bulk email the Posted Sales Invoices ?

My company wants to bulk email outstanding Sales Invoices which have been raised for that day .


There are ISV Add-On Solutions that will do that. Dynaminc Addons has a solution called EasyPDF that will batch email invoices right from BC/NAV (Easy PDF Email Fax - How to email documents as a formatted PDF).

If you have Lanham Associates eShip solution, there is an e-mail component that will enable batch emailing of invoices (E-Ship & E-Receive Extension).

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As Lewis replied, you have APP’s you can run the trial version. You can consider Continia Output www.continia.com You are only charge for the number of documents emailed (outputted). Check this one out as it is a normal implementation APP for my customers.



Hi All,

One of my colleague apparently managed to do this by creating a default Document Sending Profile. In there,

Then added the emails in the “Customer Card” Email section.

Then select the Posted Sales Invoices and click on “Send”. From below screen select the third option.

Then the invoices will be emailed to Customer Card emails. It wont sent to Posted Sales Invoice email though.

Ill look into the options which are above as well.