Bulk data insertion or update

Please may I be advised on information update/insertion in AX 2012 for Customers, Supplier and Items.

It’s the tax related information that needed to be inserted like Tax Group, Withholding tax etc.

Please suggest.

DIXF, docs.microsoft.com/…/user-guide-dixf

Thanks Kranthi. I knew it would be you to reply first :slight_smile:

Is it safe to do in the live environment?
What impact it would have to suppliers/customers/item already have pre-existed transactions, if I update with witholding taxes, VAT etc.?

How about office add-on for import and data fixes in bulk? better or less good than DIXF?

It depends on what field you are updating. Example - you cannot update the dimension group with different set of dimension of the item has transactions.

Try running it in a TEST environment first.

You may find the answer here, technet.microsoft.com/…/aa548629.aspx

Thanks Kranthi