Bug in regenerative planning?

Try to run the regenerative planning with no filter for the items, than copy the result to EXCEL, delete the lines and set a filter on the Inventory Posting Group. When you compare these results, they are extremely different - in CRONUS.

Is this a bug in NAV or in my brain?I


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I do not actually have Cronus so I cannot do this. Can you explain the first difference for me? When you look at this difference see what demand is driving the replenishment. I would expect the results to be different if you ran the plan for all and then ran the plan with an item related filter, it is whether the differences can simply be explained which is the key.

First I ran the plan for Inventory posting group ABC, than with the Filter ABC|XYZ and I got different results for the items in group ABC. When I go to Functions - Order Tracking I can see in the header the item with No. 100, but in the lines in the Column Item no. I see another item no., which is a component in the same Production order only and where there is no supply-demand-connection for these two items.

It might be an idea to put the actual Cronus settings so someone else can replicate it.

You can then also list the items where you feel the system is planning for a demand that does not exist, however you say it is a component of the production order, so therefore the demand is the production order.

If you try to run planning like this I can guarantee you will hit problems, you will plan for 80% of the need of a BOM for example.