Buffy vs Xena

So this does say that this is the open forum. So i was wondering…who’d win a fight out of Buffy and Xena. To start off the vote i reckon Buffy would easily win…

Buffy should do it - if she get her nominal output…)

Good man!! Buffy would easily win…anyway they bring people back from the dead on that programme… so techincally she could never lose!!!

I dunno. If Xena put the pinch on her, then I think the Buffster would have some difficulties. I think it’s all besides the point anyways. Xena in chronological terms has been dead for about 2000 years, give or take? Line of the week: “We have a pool?!?” (Cordelia Chase) Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Kris i think your point is a perfectly valid one…and that line of the week thing… You could be on to something there…Anyone else got any good lines from the show… This forum topic is my stress relief from code writing… And i just want to point out that the other slayer, Faith, would beat both Xena and Buffy…

Should we throw Dark Angel into the mix? She is pretty tough… Doug Sluder Computernetworkx

Buffy v Buffy Kristy Swanson the movie Buffy vs Sarah Michelle the tv Buffy thats gotta be sorted first

take a classical hero … wonderwoman … and what is about catwoman ? … they have a lot of experience in fighting :smiley: *** quack ***

Seven of Nine with active Borg implants! She’d just assimilate everyone! hehe But I like the idea of Kristy Swanson/Sarah Michelle Gellar mix! That would be so kewl! But I think Sarah would be the whoop-ass-chick in that bout. Now, I just had a good idea for a shameless plug for a convention that I volunteer for… Toronto Trek 16 Canada’s Largest Science Fiction Event July 5-7, 2002 This is a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention that is totally FAN run. For more details, visit www.tcon.icomm.ca/tt16/ Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Seven of Nine is the only reason i used to watch Star Trek… A shameless stunt to boost the ratings… but i’m not complaining… But who’d win out of Buffy and Faith?? What’s with all that five by five stuff anyway??

Well, Buffy beat Faith at the end of season 3, didn’t she? I’d just enjoy watching, to be honest. Xena wouldn’t stand a chance against either of them though. Gellar would whoop Swanson since she has more experience. And because I’d want her to.

Yeah but Faith nearly beat Angel in the Angel series, but she went a bit mad… Faith is prison at the moment anyway, so she’s getting well hard for when she comes out to kick “B’s” ass!!