Budget not showing in Accounts Schedules...


I have an issue with Navision 6.0 in that an imported Budget File isn’t showing in an Accounts Schedule I created. To add a bit of flesh to the bones…

Within accounts schedules I successfully created a column and row layout for our UK company, which includes a budget comparative… I imported a budget through General Ledger - Budgets and it displayed perfectly, both in the Accounts Schedule and also in General Ledger / Chart of Accounts / Balance / GL Balance Budget.

I then tried to copy this column and layout to a separate company’s accounts within our group (the company is accessible through File - Company - Open - xxxx). I did so by highlighting the column and row layouts in the accounts schedule for the UK Company, changing to the AUS company, and then pasting it into a new schedule. I then uploaded a budget…

Now, while the schedule is identical in everyway (…every way visible to me at least) to the UK company, the budget columns wont display. Actuals are fine, prior year/period are fine, but no budget. Interestingly, I can view the budget figures through General Ledger / Chart of Accounts / Balance / GL Balance Budget, but not in the accounts schedule.

I have tried the same with our Qatar company, but am experiencing the same problems.

Navision doesn’t flag any issues with the budgets at all, so I am at a loss as to why they don’t display.

Do any forum users have any suggestions as to what may be causing the budget to not display in the schedule?



Hi Richard,

Are you sure that you’re using the same budget filters in both companies? You should check to see if the budget name in the G/L budget entries are the same. If you have imported the budget entries, then it might be possible that you didn’t create actually budget name in the new company.

Hi Erik,

I’ve checked the budgeted filters, and there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the two.

I also seem to be using the same budget in the GL as in the accounts schedule (per the attached), I’m at a loss as to why it isn’t picking up the entries. I made sure when importing that all entries in the imported budget were as I expected, and that the name of the budget is the one I filter on in the accounts

schedule 3757.Australia.pdf (198 KB)


In case you have not had a reply to this yet, I had the exact same problem.

You need to tick “Include Budgets” for the Analysis View that you have selected against the Column Layout.

That should fix the problem.

Happy days… :slight_smile: