Budget Control AX 2009 - AP

Hi all,

Is there anyone who can give me some explanation on the use and actioning of this function for purchase orders as I’ve not had to get into this before now.

Brief outline or even succinct documentation would be most appreciated.



Not really my area but this is a large change in AX2012 because it presumably did not exist in AX2009. Basically the theory is you assign budgets to people/departments/cost centres and control the raising of PO’s. Where are you seeing this in 2009?

Hi Adam & a good new year to you,

I’m seeing it even in 2009 - for example in Purchase Orders via the Enquiries button & the general ledger parameters on the budget tab where there are two tick boxes for budget control .

Any info’ would be most appreciated.



I could still do with some help, question is still open



There is no option under Enquiries for me. The Budget in GL only has “Validate Budgets” which relates to the GL only. I would say it is either a modification or a localisation. It is not in standard W1 to my knowledge and hence its appearance in AX2012.

Missed your updated post in early Jan [:D]