Bouncing of cheque

hi, can anyone tell me how to handle the below mentioned scenario: When a payment is received from a customer i applied that payment to a particualar invoice…now at a later date cheque of that particular amount bounces. how to deal this situation navision v 3.7. I asked my client to wait till the amount is realised and then apply the payment received to a particular invoice. Can any one suggest me other way of handling such a scenario. Sidhu

I’m sure this has been answered/posted a few times. If you search for bounced checks you will find the answer. This is from:This article was TechKnowledge Document ID: 28684 Issue How can you un-apply a Cash Receipt, if you have applied a wrong invoice or posted the Cash Receipt on a wrong date? And how do you reverse the Cash Receipt, if the check from the customer bounced? Resolution Once you have applied an invoice, there is no way to un-apply it again in standard Navision. The ways to correct these types of incorrect postings are as follows: Wrong invoice has been applied: If you have applied a wrong invoice in a Cash Receipt, the way to correct it would be: In the Cash Receipts Journal (or another journal) post a new invoice like the one you applied by mistake, with the same date (as description you can enter the original invoice no.). In the same journal post a corresponding credit memo for the same amount and with the same date as the invoice. Now reverse the Cash Receipt entry by debiting the customer and crediting the bank, using the same date as the original Cash Receipt and be sure the document type is blank. Apply this entry to the credit memo you just posted. Now you have an invoice open similar to the invoice you applied/closed by mistake and you can now post the Cash Receipt as it should have been posted in the first place. You can do this in an easier way, if aging of the invoice does not matter. You can make a reversing entry on the date of the wrong cash receipt. Debit the customer and credit the bank; in description you can write the original invoice no. The invoice will now have the date for the Cash Receipt instead of the original date. The date only influences aging and interest. Now you can make the correct cash receipt entry. Cash Receipt was entered on a wrong date: Reverse the Cash Receipt that you posted on the wrong date, by debiting the customer and crediting the bank, with document type blank. Then enter a cash receipt on the correct date and apply to the reversing entry. Now your Aging Report will still show the invoice as open, but at the same time an open payment with the same amount, so the total amount due will be zero. Unfortunately, this invoice and payment will show up until the date on which you posted the wrong Cash Receipt. Bounced Checks: The procedure is the same as for ‘Wrong invoice has been applied’. You want to create invoice like the one you have closed with the bounced check. You do this by creating invoices and credit memos on the original invoice date and then closing the credit memos with the reversing entry, which will leave you with open invoices.

you might be interested in this little add-on, it has a video outlining the functionality

We tried to get this product. After 6+ months of our NSC talking to Simcrest about licensing issues and whatever we never were able to get the product. Our NSC was saying that they had to purchase it without being able to test it first and they were uncomfortable with that. I remember the price fluctuating also. After all this we were saying “forget it we can live without it”. Maybe others have had a different experience?

Well sorry to hear you have had that experience, SimCrest actually offers its add-ons as demo versions, directly downloadable from their ftp site. It is required for an NSC to sign a reseller agreement, to be given access to this site. I do not know the details about how your NSC tried to get access to the add-ons, but SimCrest sells its add-ons worldwide through a broad range of NSC’s, so it might be a miscommunication issue between your NSC and SimCrest.

I’m not blaming simcrest completely here. everytime i called them directly they were very helpful & responsive. Their hands are tied and we have to go through our NSC (as per agreement) to get add-on’s N’ such. The product looked exactly what we wanted it was just that time & frustration shut down the aquisition of the product.