Borders in Word automation

Hi all. Do you think its strange how the cosmetic changes (layout, lines etc) always take more time than the programming… Now I have used OLE-Automation to create a table in Word and of cource it has to have borders. Borders meaning lines and grids. How can I do that? Thanks in advance.

Think there is some sort of TableStyle or AutoFormat property you can set… I will have a check… A [}:)]

Yep… I do this using the AutoFormat method…

Thanks Akers. I tried the autoformat method but could not get it right. I found a way to use the Style method instead which was just as good. If you have the syntax, there it would be interesting to see how it goes [:)] Thanks again.

Hi… I don’t have any examples with me in the office at the moment but you might want to check out this link… It may help… Cheers Ade