Book or content on Navision Functionals

Hi All,

I’m new to this destination which I found was only missing in my life. Well finally I found [:)].

Can anybody tell me where from I can get a good book or content on Navision Functionals. Since 3 years I’m working on Navision but still could not find a good book or something, which I find lacking sometimes.

Thanks !

Well first a question to you. Do you really mean Navision Financials? I think there was one or two books about this old version. At least one about specifically Supply Chain Management with Financials. But who is really still working with this age old version (dating back to at least 2001 - didn’t Attain come in 2002?)

But if you’re looking for books on Dynamics NAV (aka Navision) version 4.0 or 5.0, then there are a few available. There is a good one written by David Studerbaker (co-moderator of the NAV Development Forum on this site). It’s about development/design and you can find it here:

But what kind of book? There’s also an online book available here: - it’s moderated/written by David Singleton - the co-admin of this website.

perhaps you will also find here something


Hi Amarnath,

Maybe you could tell us a bit more about what you are looking for. Are you after programming, or something more around how to use the application? There are a number of training courses that you can go on that will provide training manuals.

Dynamics NAV is a huge product. It is unlikely that you are going to get any book that is going to hit the spot for everyone but there is a lot more available now than there used to be and you can expect even more when NAV 2009 comes along.



Dear Erik,Thanks for your response.First I should tell you about me…I am a Navision Functional Consultant for Finance and Manufacturing modules. I got my In house training at HCL Technology, , and at Change Solution, since, from Navision 4.01 to 5.0, now expected NAV 2009. I have headed several Implementation projects as Functional Consultant and now as Project Manager.It seems that I am happy with it, but still I am in search of good training material or book for it because sometimes I feel that I could be more constructive and innovative if I would have great detailed information and methodologies.Can you tell me one thing more, if I’m not disturbing you a lot, I want to go for Online Microsoft Certification for MBS NAV, so what training material would be the best for me, and is there any certification for Navision Functional.



Hi Armanth,

If you have access to PartnerSource then you will find everything you need there for details on training courses and the certification process. PartnerSource members with a service plan also have the ability to download the training materials if you have decided that self-study is the way for you. is the URL for partnersource - you need to be registered to be able to login and get access to these functions.

There is also a Customer Source site that is available for customers with a maintenance plan.

Hope this is of some help to you.