Bom's with Sku

Hi all! I have two questions: 1. Can BOMs be combined by SKU number so that the total raw materials and labour required for a SKU can be determined? 2.Is there lot coding for raw materials? Does the system track by lot code by SKU? Thanks Tatiana

Hi Tatiana The BOM is for the item, if the item has a SKU then the SKU record comes into affect if production is at that location. However if you want different BOM’s per location this is not possible as standard as you cannot assign the BOM or routing record to a particular SKU - it is for the item. This does not mean you could not alter these dependent upon location, but this would be manually done or you could modify it to do this. You can setup lot tracking, but the odd issue exists in this area combined with manufacturing.

Sorry for the off-topic: I saw all of Tatiana’s questions yesterday and I just knew this was a job for Steven… [:p]

Hi Tatiana, If it is required really than,( Provided that in a single BOM, All SKUs’ required are at the same location). Than you can provide the ‘Location’ field at the header and write code such that whenever that BOM is accessed, The ‘componenents at Location’ value is set to that. (For that BOM only) & than to original value. This could however add additional time consumption on the Planning engine. This could not be the solution if your requirements are more complicated. Regards, DD