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Hi, we’re using Dynamics AX 2009 and having an issue where MRP seems to be choosing an unapproved/inactive BOM Version. The formula has 6 versions and version 6 is active/approved - subsequent version have expired. However, when master planning is ran for the item, it chooses version 3 which is unapproved/inactive. Are there other settings/config that MRP uses to select which BOM version to use for a planned batch order other than the BOM Version table? any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Was it active at the time the order was placed?

Is there a current active one meeting the criteria?

Does the Coverage group have the BOM Versions ticked?

Is the Sub-BOM defined on the demand (sales order)?

Let me clarify - the Finished Good 130046 has SO demand and forecast, but the item referred to above is 130046WIP which is an ingredient of 130046 and also a BOM.

I confirmed that BOM version 6 was active when SO demand was created, but there was a forecast on 130046 created during the time 130046WIP ver 3 BOM would have been active. I deleted and recreated (in test environment) the forecast, regenerated and got the same results where the planned batch order chose BOM version 3… There is only 1 current, active/approved BOM Version (6). Coverage group does NOT have BOM versions ticked and not sure what you mean by “Is the Sub-BOM defined on the demand (sales order)”.

Thanks for the assist.


You might also check on your BOM for 130046, does the BOM LINE for 130046WIP call a specific SUB BOM (General Tab)?

Thanks Kurt, the ingredient 130046WIP definitely IS referencing the BOM version 3!!! That’s the issue! Thanks all for the help!

Glad it worked!

Sub-BOM’s, always a winner [:D]

Glad you got there.