BOM Variations?

We produce a product that uses a BOM, the only problem is that one component can either be manufactured or imported (purchased). We need to setup variants on one of the components, but one version is manufactured from raw materials and has its own BOM, whereas the other version is purchased as a completed sub-assembly. The two items involved have different part numbers. Can I set up the BOM to use one of the two, and maybe even have it ask the production crew which part they are using when it’s time to post? I am starting to think I have to have different P/N’s on the finished products, depending on which version of the given component it used.

Hi, You can have many vertions of BOM for finished good Item. But only one will be selected as default. User will need to change BOM Vertion Code in the Prod. Order Line if he need to change it. Valentin Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Joseph, “Out of the box”, Navision only lets you put in the BOM Item that you want to produce and then it takes the components out of inventory based on the BOM requirements. I have written some modifications to Navision that allows for a “flexible” BOM. I have a two part screen - the first part allows you to enter what you want to produce. The second part lets you put in the components that are used. The components are populated based on the “standard” BOM. Then you can override the quantities, etc. Upon posting, the system decrements the components and increments the finished product. I wrote this for a client that was in a batch processing environment. Check with your NSC to see if something like this might be feasable for you. Good luck, Mark. Mark Keener Automated Number Crunching Dayton, OH USA