Bom Line/MRP

Hi, How can we setup the system so that Master Scheduling create a planned purchase order even if there is enough quantity on hand in inventory. There is a setting for this at the Master Plan level but we need it at the BOM line level instead. Also , the Pegged supply bom line type for Purchased items can be use to automatically create a Purchase order but this requires that a vendor be specified on the bom line which is knot always known. So that option cant be used. Any idea is appreciated.

The requirement is not clear. Are you saying when you make an item and the BOM line suggests using on hand you want it to ignore it and create a purchase order? Under what circumstances? Is this a minimum safety stock holding requirement for example? What setting are you referencing in MP? The auto-creation of a PO is for a sub-contracted service within the BOM not an item requirement.


Under what circumstances?

Why not load the BOM on a specific warehouse where you do not stock it and therefore it will always suggest a PO?