Bom for bakery

Hi I am currently working on a project in a bakery and would like to find out if I should include water was an ingredient if it is part of the recipe. Next would be if I have a basic BOM for a material that is then divided into various sizes by weight, and also used as another ingredient, does it form a semi finished goods and if the basic batch cannot form a complete number of the size formed does that mean the balance is wastage? Would appreciate any suggestions.

Water: Yes I think you should have it as an ingredient. In this case if you don’t buy and storage water, create it as a service item, you can put it the formula without having inventory, and you can apply a cost if required.

Semi-finished good: I think you are right, but I don’t think the client wants to consider a waste if all the semi-finished product is not used, they should plan to consume the whole batch producing finished items. Take a look to “containerized packaging” this topic will help them manage that situation.

It is process so the batch material of the semi-finished goods would be used, it is the issue that you have the wrong mix of FG or short that is the issue - the batch will generally be used, although there will be wastage.

Thanks for the information. I was not sure about it as another consultant actually told me not to include it in but I have water, iced water and Ice which is in the recipe and which forms the bulk for the ingredients used. Just to sidetrack a bit does the AX system help to calculate the number of products produced based on the total weight of the ingredients? That is to say if the total weight of the ingredients used is 41Kg, and based on the bread dough to be divided into 200g, I would have 205 pcs but if I am dividing the total dough into 60g, I would have 683.333pcs, which I would round up to 683 pcs with some left over. With this in view, the balance would be wasted…if not formed into another product?

AX does not work as standard by inputting a raw material and generating the finished production order quantity from it.

In the example you gave, you can combine 100 units of 200grs doug + 350 units of 60grs doug to deplete the whole batch, I think containerized packaging will help you managing this combinations