BOM explode functionality in Sales Order Process


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(BOM-A) = 2(BOm-B)+3(BOM-C)+2(Item-D)+3(Item-E)

I have posted Sales order confirmation with an Item type (BOM-A). When ever posting packing slip, I need to deliver sub-BOMs partially. ie, I want to deliver 2(BOm-B) and 2(Item-D) in one packing slip and deliver 3(BOM-C), 3(Item-E) in another packingslip. For this dynamics AX 2009 is having standard functionality Explode BOM in Sales Order Process. But when ever I post Sales Invoice, then the system posting is happening based on the items 2(BOm-B)+3(BOM-C)+2(Item-D)+3(Item-E). But I want to post the sales invoice based on (BOM-A). Any one can please suggest me.

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If you need to delivery the sub-BOMs separately then you are not selling BOM-A as you never make BOM-A or ship BOM-A.

Ignore the BOM explosion, add the separate sub-BOM’s in the required shipment.

You can NEVER invoice BOM-A because you are NOT selling it. It is simple really. If you need to invoice BOM-A you need to SHIP BOM-A. Your alternative is to massively modify the system of course.

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This requirement is for Lifts/Elevators. Some times Elevator is not delivered to customer at a time. So We need to send partial delivery ie, Sub-BOM. But invoicing should be on Elevator(for Taxes purpose). Any workarround… suggest me.

Then make sure nothing can be invoiced on the order until all lines are delivered.


Against one sales order (BOM), I will do 2 packingslips (sub-bom using BOM-explode functionality). ie, After completion of 2-packingslip postings, I want to post one sales Invoice against BOM (not sub-BOMs). I need work arrround for this functionality.

That is standard, packing slip 1 and 2 will appear on the same invoice.