BOM configuration routes/rules and derived configurations

I’m trying to understand how to setup a BOM and configuration routes/rules combined with derived configuration.
Below a simple example of what I’m trying to achieve
I have 3 products: the BOX, the LID and the FILLING. The BOX can have 3 colors: Red, Green and Blue. The LID can have 5 colors: Red, Green, Blue, Black and White. Both BOX and LID are setup as Product Masters, with a product dimension model having ‘configuration’ selected. The configuration technology has been set to ‘predefined variants’ and I created all released product variants for both the BOX and the LID (i.e. one for each color).
The Filling goes in every box (so this is a BOM line without a configuration group), but the lid can only go on the box with the same color unless it is Black or White (i.e. Black or White Lids will go on any BOX). So my plan was to create a BOM item for the ‘filled box’ and to add all the BOM lines, where the BOX lines are grouped in the configuration group BOX and the LID lines are grouped by the configuration group LID. The Config. ROUTE would indicate that a selection must be made first from the BOX group items and secondly from the LID items. The Config. RULES would then specify that if a BOX – Red is selected, then I should deselect the LID – Green and deselect the LID – Blue… All other LID colors are allowed.
My issue is however that whenever I try to link a BOM line to a configuration group (e.g. Link BOX – Red to a config. Group BOX), my configuration (Red in this example) disappears and vice versa? Any idea why that is not allowed together? My BOM line is uniquely defined by the Item and configuration?

On the production item you define the dimension with the configuration group and item. When you enter the item on the BOM line and define the configiuration group, assuming you have on teh item RED=BOX then the system already knows the configuratoin from teh configuration group and therefore removes it.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

I thought I needed to use the configuration group to ensure that only one line from each group is selected when creating a sales order line for the end-product. So I wanted to group all BOX variants and LID variants in their respective group, like this

Item configuration configuration group










On the first line (Box - RED) , I would then specifiy a rule that the derived item LID from derived group LID with derived config GREEN would be ‘deselected’… same for the BLUE lid.

So far I have not been able to set this up using product masters for BOX and LID. It is - I think - only possible when you create a separate product for each color of BOX and LID.

Hi Geert

I am not clear on what you are trying to achieve. The configuration group functionality will impact on the BOM. Are these finished products? You select the item on the sales order, then the type of configuration, if the LID is separate as an item it is a new line, if it is part of the BOX then you can get the BOM to flex. Not sure why GREEN LID is the de-selected item when BOX RED is selected.

Hi Adam, I appreciate you’re taking the time for this. I’m new to AX2012 and apologize if my example is not so clear. I’ll try to clarify: I’m selling a produced item: the assembled box. The Bill of material for this ‘assembled box’ consists of the BOX item, the LID (or cover) item and the FILLING (this component goes in every type of box). I created the BOX item and the LID item as a product master as they exist in different colors, however, I used a product dimension group of type configuration (not color) with predefined variants. Then I created those variants for each color.

Now, when I select configuration RED for the BOX, I should only be allowed to select configuration RED or WHITE or BLACK for the LID. When the BLUE BOX is selected, I should only be allowed to select BLUE or WHITE or BLACK for the LID … etc. During sale order entry, I only want to create the line for the ‘assembled box’, and by configuration select the color for the BOX component and the LID component… this should then result in a specific BOM for the order line, containing a configuration for the BOX component, the LID component and the FILLING is added as a normal BOM line. As the LID component color is derived from the BOX component, I thought I could solve this by the derived item, derived group and derived configuration functionality in the BOM rules. But that doesn’t seem to work, as I’m not allowed to specify both the Configuration group and the configuration on a specific BOM line.

I hope the example is more clear now?


Hi Geert

The configuration group will define the elements of the BOM but you will also need the configuration route to be configured to give you the choices later in teh BOM. However they are not something I have ever used so my grip on them is not great. If I get a chance I will try and set something up as per the above example.