Bold and underline the text using X++

Hi Techies,

I would like to bold the text and underline it using x++. Can you please let me know the syntax or keywords that we use to achieve this?

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But where? In a report, when exporting data to Excel or PDF, when building HTML from code or what?
Plain text has no such formatting…

i wanted to display that text on report and i need to add different text formats for different legal entities.So i should add some if conditions in code to achieve this. So how can i bold the text and underline the text using x++?

Thank you

But then you can’t do it in X++ - report designs are defined in SSRS. What you can have in X++ is the logic deciding whether the text should be bold (for example). Thenn pass the value to SSRS and there use an expression to change the value of FontWeight property.

Hi Martin,

actually i have to display few instructions on report based on legal entity. So here these instructions are having partial texts that i need to bold and underline , defining these conditions in report design is complicating the design. So i wanted to add a new field in report table and wants to add the value to table field and would like to display on report. Do you know any key words in x++ how i can make the partial string of a string to bold and underline?

Aha, you should have mentioned at the beginning.

In that case, the best approach may be setting the text box with Markup type = HTML and generate HTML code in AX (e.g. using Bold text).