Block the Auto Save functionality

Dear all,

Please tell me How to block the Auto Save functionality in Navision for each fields.

Thanks in Advance…




If you are refering to auto save of value in form/tables , when you exit a that field then it cannot be disabled.

Do you want to save the changes, only if you explicitely press (Ctrl+S), then the answer is NO

Hi Rose,

As Dhan points out - you cannot turn off this feature without coding. One suggestion is to use a temporary table and write back when save is required. Also the DelayedInsert property can be use for inserting records.

If certain users should not be able to modify records in a certain table, they should have read-only permission on that table. The system works the way it works, and I’ve found it’s better to train users properly than to force the system to behave differently.

What I’ve seen that might be sort of a work around is to make Card forms non-editable when they open, with a toggle button on the form to make it editable, so that users can’t “accidentally” modify records. They’d have to click the button to make the form editable, and then they can modify values.