Block negative stock

how to block negative stock for Item?

so the items that don’t available in inventory, they cannot used in sales order

is default navision can do that?

From a sales order Navision allows negative, it is your business process that should prevent this. So as standard default navision allows negative stock in sales.

From a works order Navision prevents negative. You cannot consume stock you do not have in the building of another product. So as standard default navision does not allow negative stock in produciton.


You can control it in Sales $ Marketing,The step is Sales & Marketing–Setup–Sales & Receivables Setup-

General ,make sure the check in Stockout Warning.

so… if i want to block negative stock, i should do the customization, right?

it just give me the warning, right?

not prevent it…

That is correct, it warns you, but you can still go negative.

Remember, a Credit Memo / Return Order is the same as doing a negative to your inventory. There’s no reason you can’t do the same on an Order / Invoice with quantity -1.

I agree that it should be a change in the business process. When you release the order it shouldn’t be posted / shipped until it actually leaves the building…it can’t leave the building if you don’t have it.

Well, that’s not so simple anyway with SOs - why to prevent creating a SO which, when shipped, will create a negative stock? Maybe by the time it must be shipped there will be enough stock, besides, Qty on future SOs against Qty on stock right now allows you to plan your purchases.

There was a thread about this topic already, and then the question was - how to prevent Shipping that leads to negative stock, not creating SO. But once more, that depends on concrete business - how you have organized the processes. In big warehouses with fast goods turnover there might be a situation, that physically goods exist and can be sold, customers queue up willing to buy, but POs haven’t been entered in system yet…

okay thanks a lot for the sharing guys :slight_smile: