Block multiple items


In our inventory list, there are many of useless items. I would like to block them by a single action if possible. I dont want to block them one by one because it will take too much time. Could you please help me to do it in more efficient way?

You need to write code to do it (and this code should be based on conditions, which you can program)

does it mean customisation?

Use Rapidstart and export the Item table to Excel, edit Blocked=Yes and import. If you are using Business Central and O365 you can use Edit in Excel directly from the Item list.

Yes as hence in the above answer “You need to write code to do it” :wink:

Or use Golfers solutions with exportin an item to excel and then import again (using Rapidstart) - But please try it in a test-database first, because you can easily delete all fields in the Item-table.